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Mummification and Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

Gangrene is a medical term that is used to refer to the decay and death of an area or part of your body. Gangrene may take place in any area of your body, but the parts of your body that are affected in most instances are your hands, fingers, toes and feet. There are several different kinds of gangrene. Some of these are gas gangrene, wet gangrene, Fournier’s gangrene and internal gangrene. Mummification is one of the types of gangrene. Mummification usually develops and progresses slowly. Mummification is referred to in several other ways. It is also known as secondary gangrene, senile gangrene, Pott’s gangrene, native artery gangrene, dry gangrene and arteriosclerotic gangrene. Mummification is characterized by dry and shriveled skin that ranges in color from brown to purplish-blue to black. In the case of mummification, your tissue becomes black and cold. Eventually, in time, your tissue that is affected by mummification will slough off. Fortunately, mummification will not spread to other healthy tissue. Also, infection does not take place with mummification. Mummification is the most prevalent kind of gangrene. Mummification takes place most of the time in people who have a blood vessel disease, such as diabetes or atherosclerosis. Gangrene occurs when the blood supply to a part or area of your body is cut off. Any underlying condition or injury, or especially a combination of these two, may lead to gangrene of some kind. In the case of mummification, it is a result of a reduction of blood flow in and through your arteries. This may be caused by several things. Some of these are: ?  Hypertension (high blood pressure) ?  Being exposed to extreme cold ?  Having some form of blood vessel disease ?  Having an arterial blockage that is the result of a thrombosis ?  Being a smoker ?  Having human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) ?  Having an arterial blockage that has been brought about by an embolism ?  Taking immunosuppressive medications ?  Taking chemotherapy treatment for some type of cancer ?  Having arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis ?  Having circulatory problems ?  Having some kind of surgery ?  Having diabetes mellitus ?  Experiencing some kind of trauma ?  Having high blood cholesterol. There are some signs and symptoms that you need to watch out for that could be an indication of mummification. Some of the possible signs and symptoms include: ?  The area of your body that is affected becoming numb and cold ?  Pain that may start out as a dull ache but that quickly becomes extremely severe ?  The affected part of your body becoming black and shriveled ?  The area of your body that is affected becoming red at the beginning ?  Later on, the affected part of your body being a brown discoloration. Mummification may be a disorder that has happened to you. As a result, you may need to check on getting social security disability benefits, such as SSDI or SSI. It would be worthwhile to call one of the social security attorneys at The attorneys at can help you get the disability benefits that are rightly yours.    
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