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Repetitive Stress Injury and Receiving Social Security Disability

Most of the time, repetitive stress injury will not disable you or qualify you to receive Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits. This is because the Social Security Administration requires that your disability has to last for at least one year in order for you to qualify for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits.  However, if your repetitive stress injury is going to cause you to be unable to work for one year or longer, or it is in conjunction with other disabling conditions that will keep you from working for over a year; you may then qualify for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.  This may be your situation. You may have applied for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration and been denied. If you plan to appeal the denial, remember this. People who are represented in the appeals procedure by a skilled disability attorney like the one at are approved more often than those people who are not represented by a lawyer.  Repetitive stress injury refers to any of a loose group of medical conditions resulting from the overuse of some kind of tool or instrument. For example, it could be a knife, guitar or computer. It can be anything that requires repeated movements.   Repetitive stress injury is a syndrome that affects nerves, tendons and muscles in your upper back, arms and hands. The medically accepted condition in which repetitive stress injury occurs is when muscles in these areas are kept tense for extremely long periods of time. This is due to repetitive motions and/or poor posture.  Repetitive stress injury (RSI) is also known by several other names. It is also called repetitive strain injury, cumulative trauma disorder (CTD), occupational overuse syndrome or work related upper limb disorder (WRULD).  The people who are most at risk for getting this syndrome are those whose job requires them to make the same repeated movements over a long period of time. Repetitive stress injury is common among assembly line workers, computer workers and guitarists.  You may think that this syndrome is nothing serious, just a minor nuisance. However, repetitive stress injury is no small, laughing matter. It accounts for 34% of all lost-workday illness and injury, and it costs $20 billion a year. An estimated $50 billion a year is lost by businesses, annually, due to decreased productivity, sick leave and medical costs linked to repetitive stress injury.  There are several varied signs and symptoms of repetitive stress injury. Some of these are:  If you can't work because of a repetitive stress injury, don't wait. Contact the tough disability attorney at, today.