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Saccular Bronchiectasis and Receiving Social Security Disability

Bronchiectasis is a disease that is evidenced by damage to the walls of your large airways (bronchial tubes) of your lungs. Inflammation resulting from infection or other causes destroys the smooth muscles that enable your bronchial tubes to be elastic. It keeps secretions from being cleared that are normally produced by your lung tissue. The walls of your airways become irregularly shaped. Secretions start to pool in your dilated (widened) airways instead of being expelled. The result is a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria. These bacteria then cause airway damage, more secretions and additional irritation and inflammation. This results in a vicious cycle of damage. Bronchiectasis is classified in two ways. If you are born with this condition, it is called congenital bronchiectasis. If you develop this disease later in life, it is called acquired bronchiectasis. There are three different forms of bronchiectasis. They are cylindrical, cystic and saccular. Saccular bronchiectasis is marked by dilated (widened) bronchi that are irregular or saccular in shape. Your bronchial divisions are greatly reduced with this disease. Saccular bronchiectasis is more severe than cylindrical bronchiectasis. It is not as severe as cystic bronchiectasis. There are several different signs and symptoms that you may experience with saccular bronchiectasis. The severity of the signs and symptoms differ significantly from person to person. Signs and symptoms may include: You or a loved one may have saccular bronchiectasis. Saccular bronchiectasis and/or complications that have resulted from or other conditions that you may have along with this disease may have resulted in you or your loved one’s disability. It may be what is keeping you or your loved one from working. If this is true, you may need help. You may need financial assistance. You or your loved one may be intending to apply for the financial help that you need from the Social Security Administration by applying for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits because of the disability caused by saccular bronchiectasis and/or complications that have resulted from or other conditions that you may have along with this disease. You or your loved one may have already taken this step, and your application was denied by the Social Security Administration. If you or your loved one is planning on reapplying or appealing the denial, here is something important that you need to be aware of. The simple truth is that people who have a disability lawyer standing with them are approved more often than people who are not represented by a disability attorney. Please do not wait. This is far too important to you or your loved one. Contact the disability lawyer at Disability Case Review, today.