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Sequential Evaluation Process, a five part series: Part Five

If you have made it this far, then one more step in the ladder will not be too bad. While there is only one more step in the sequential evaluation process, this process is the most complex, difficult and time consuming step. The fifth and final step involves an in-depth analysis of other work you could do despite your disability. That sounds easy, but the social security administration makes this process tough. You must prove that you are unable to do other work that exists in a significant amount of numbers in the national community. The administration will make this determination by comparing the amount of jobs available while considering your age, work experience and your education. With the exception of your age, the more work experience and education you have the more difficult the task. In order to make this determination the social security administration has developed the Medical Vocational Guidelines, commonly called the "grids". Just know that there is some guideline for this process. The administration is not merely making arbitrary decisions. The Medical Vocational Guidelines will be reserved for further discussion in the future. It is complex and difficult to understand. The grids involves the analysis of several factors including, but not limited to age, education, the type of skilled work involved, transferable skills (which is a topic on its own), etc. The grids application to a particular set of facts is hard to understand. I cannot stress this fact enough, an attorney will make the process easier on you, will make the process run smoother, and much more efficient. We have finally made it to the end of our discussion of the sequential evaluation process. If you are currently going through the process, you will be able to relate to how difficult this process is for claimants. If you are planning on filing a claim, hopefully this discussion will give you an idea of the task ahead. Do not underestimate the burden you have in proving your case to the social security administration. It is difficult. Good luck with your case. If you are going through the process without the assistance of counsel be prepared to put in the time and effort this process demands. If you are represented by an experienced attorney, rest assured that you have made a good decision in putting your case in the hands of a qualified social security disability attorney. Your decision to have an attorney will save you time and many headaches throughout this enduring process.