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Suffering From Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome (ARDS)? You May Qualify For Social Security Disabiltiy Benefits and

If you or a loved one is suffering from acute respiratory disease syndrom, it might be possible to receive Social Security disability benefits. If you have already filed a claim and it has been denied, contact a Social Security disability attorney for help appealing the denial of benefits. Acute respiratory disease syndrome (ARDS) is breathing failure that occurs in critically ill people with underlying illnesses. Acute respiratory disease syndrome (ARDS) is not a specific disease, but a life-threatening condition that happens when there is severe fluid buildup in both of your lungs. This fluid buildup prevents your lungs from working properly. Your lungs do not transfer oxygen from the air into your body and carbon dioxide out of your body into the air the way they should. About 190,000 people are affected by acute respiratory disease syndrome (ARDS) every year in the United States. In the past, only about 4 out of 10 people survived ARDS. Today, with proper care in a hospital intensive or critical care unit, around 7 out of 10 people survive acute respiratory disease syndrome. Some people recover completely from ARDS. Others who survive have lasting damage to their lungs and other health problems. You or a loved one may be one of those who have survived acute respiratory disease syndrome, but have ongoing damage to your lungs or other health problems. In fact, the problems resulting from ARDS may be to the point that you or your loved one is not able to work. ARDS and conditions resulting from or along with it may be the reason for your disability. Some of the affects that ARDS has on you are organ failure and low blood pressure. Shortness of breath, a bluish skin color due to a low level of oxygen in your blood and labored, rapid breathing are also affects of acute respiratory disease syndrome. ARDS usually develops when you already have an underlying, serious illness. Most of the time it occurs when you are in the hospital. However, it can develop at home with a serious accident or illness to your lungs. It is hard to do any kind of work if you are having breathing problems or other lung problems resulting from ARDS. Other health problems may have developed as a result of acute respiratory disease syndrome that are causing you or your loved one's disability. If you or your loved one is disabled and unable to work, you probably need assistance. You probably need financial help. Have you or your loved one applied for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration because of ARDS and conditions resulting from it. Were you or your loved one denied? If you or your loved one is thinking about appealing the denial by the Social Security Administration, here is something that you need to know. People who are represented by a knowledgeable disability attorney are approved more often than those people who are without a lawyer.