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Supraglottitis and Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

Your epiglottis is a thin lid-like flap of cartilage tissue that is joined to the root of your tongue. Your epiglottis is situated in front, behind your tongue and in front of the entrance to your larynx (voice box). Your epiglottis is what allows air to pass through your voice box and into the remainder of your respiratory system while you are at rest. Your epiglottis covers the entrance to your voice box when you swallow. By virtue of this action, your epiglottis prevents liquids and food from going into your windpipe. Food might get into your lungs and air might be able to enter your stomach if both your air passage and food passage were open as you swallow. One of the main purposes and tasks of your epiglottis is to prevent this from happening. The way in which your epiglottis accomplishes this is by working the way a lid does every time you swallow. Supraglottitis is a disease that is marked by your epiglottis becoming swollen and inflamed. The flow of air into your lungs gets blocked when this disease takes place, and it becomes a potentially life-threatening occurrence. If you are suffering from supraglottitis, you may qualify to receive some kind of social security disability benefits like SSI or SSDI. It is always a wise move to contact one of the social security attorneys at to explore the options that are available to you. The social security attorneys at are experienced in dealing with the Social Security Administration when it comes to disability benefits. Go to, right now. Fortunately, supraglottitis is a rare disease in adults in the United States. However, there is some evidence which indicates that the incidence of the disease may be on the rise. It is estimated that there are somewhere around 10 to 40 cases of supraglottitis per million people in the United States. Supraglottitis takes place in men more often than it does in women. This is by a ratio of about 6 to 4. Supraglottitis may be brought about by either injury or infection. Injuries that may lead to this disease include: Infections that may result in supraglottitis are: The signs and symptoms that result from supraglottitis may occur slowly over a period of days in adults. However, the signs and symptoms of supraglottitis may also come on within a matter of a few hours. Some of the signs and symptoms of this disease include:
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