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Sweet Syndrome and Receiving Social Security Disability

Sweet's syndrome
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Sweet syndrome is a skin disorder that is characterized by painful skin lesions that develop primarily on your arms, back, face and neck. These are tender red lumps (plaques) that show up suddenly. Sweet syndrome is named after Doctor Robert Douglas Sweet from Plymouth, England. He first described this disorder in 1964. This condition is also known by other names. It is referred to as acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis and acute neutrophilic dermatosis. Sweet syndrome is most common in middle-aged women. However, it can also develop in children, men, older adults and even infants. Many times, the cause of Sweet syndrome is unknown. In some instances, this condition is triggered by illness, certain medications or an infection. Sweet syndrome also sometimes develops in conjunction with some kinds of cancer and other serious medical conditions. In fact, Sweet syndrome can be an early sign or indicator of cancer. There are some risk factors that may increase your likelihood of getting Sweet syndrome. Some of these are: The primary and most obvious sign or symptom of Sweet syndrome is the characteristic skin lesions of this disease. They are usually: There are other signs and symptoms that you may also experience with Sweet syndrome. These include: You or a loved one may have been diagnosed with Sweet syndrome. This disease may be why you or your loved one is disabled and unable to work. You may need help if this is true. You may need financial assistance. You or your loved one may be thinking about applying for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration because of the disability caused by Sweet syndrome and/or complications resulting from or other conditions in conjunction with this disease? You or your loved one may have already done this and been turned down by the Social Security Administration. If you or your loved one is going to appeal the denial by the Social Security Administration, you need to keep this in mind. People who are represented by a reliable disability attorney like the one at are approved more often than those people who do not have a lawyer. Photo source Cohen PR: Sweet's syndrome - a comprehensive review of an acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis. Orphanet J Rare Dis. 2007 Jul 26;2:34. PMID 17655751