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Thoracic Spondylosis and Receiving Social Security Disability

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Image via Wikipedia"]Osteoarthritis[/caption]
Arthritis is a disease that involves inflammation of a joint. It is evidenced and usually accompanied by stiffness, swelling, pain, changes in structure and restriction of motion. Arthritis is not just one disorder. It is a complex disease that refers to over 100 separate conditions and can begin at any age of life. The two types that are most prevalent are Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Other forms of arthritis include gouty arthritis, Still’s disease, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, septic arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Osteoarthritis is marked by low-grade inflammation that leads to pain in your joints. This is due to abnormal wearing of the cartilage that covers and functions as a cushion inside of your joints. Osteoarthritis is also characterized by the decrease or destruction of synovial fluid that lubricates those joints. You begin to experience pain upon weight bearing, including standing and walking as your bone surfaces become not as well protected by cartilage. Your ligaments may become more lax and regional muscles may atrophy as you have less movement due to the pain that you experience. Spondylosis is a form of osteoarthritis. It is a degenerative disorder of your spine. There are three forms of spondylosis. They are cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis and thoracic spondylosis. Thoracic spondylosis is characterized by a narrowed space between your vertebral bones in your mid and upper back. As this space grows narrower, your discs begin to bulge out of position. Your nerves in the affected area may become compressed, which results in pain. There are several signs and symptoms that you may experience with thoracic spondylosis. Some of these are: You or a loved one may have thoracic spondylosis. Thoracic spondylosis and/or complications resulting from this condition or other disorders that you may have along with it may have resulted in you or your loved one’s disability and being unable to work. If this is true, you may need assistance. You may need financial help. You or your loved one may be intending to apply for the financial assistance that you need from the Social Security Administration by applying for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits because of the disability resulting from thoracic spondylosis and/or complications resulting from this condition or other disorders that you may have in addition to it. You may have already tried this option, and your claim was turned down by the Social Security Administration. If you or your loved one is planning on reapplying or appealing the denial, here is an important fact to consider. The fact is that people who are represented by a disability lawyer like the one you will find at are approved more often than people who do not have a disability attorney standing with them. Please do not delay. Contact the disability lawyer at, today.
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