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What is Mixed Dysarthria and Can I Get Disability If I Have It?

Speech is probably the most essential aspect of communication. Communication is made harder when anything hinders your ability to speak. Dysarthria is a motor speech condition. Dysarthria is characterized by a distortion of your speech. Dysarthria causes your speech to be slurred, hard to understand or slow. You may also have difficulty controlling the loudness, rhythm, pitch and voice qualities of your speech. Dysarthria is a disorder that takes place when the muscles of your respiratory system, mouth and face move slowly, become weak or do not move. The muscles that are required to produce certain sounds become paralyzed or weak. There are four primary forms of dysarthria. They are:
  1. ?Peripheral dysarthria – This kind of dysarthria affects the airflow of your speech and is evidenced by speaking in distorted consonants and short phrases.
  2. ?Dyskinetic dysarthria – This form of dysarthria is either hyperkinetic, which involves problems with your speech rate and rhythm or hypokinetic, which involves poor articulation and slurred speech.
  3. ?Spastic dysarthria – This type of dysarthria is marked by spasticity of the muscles that are used for speech.
  4. ?Mixed dysarthria – This kind of dysarthria is brought about by dysfunction in more than one of your speech motor systems.
Mixed dysarthria is caused by and results from having a combination of two or more of the other forms of dysarthria. If you have mixed dysarthria, you will have some of the signs and symptoms that are produced by the kinds of dysarthria that are making up your mixed dysarthria. If you have mixed dysarthria, you may be eligible for social security disability benefits such as SSDI or SSI. The thing that you really ought to do is to get in touch with one of the social security attorneys at They can help you get the disability benefits that are rightfully yours. There are several things that may lead to dysarthria, which may also then result in mixed dysarthria. Some of these things are: There are several possible signs and symptoms that you may experience with mixed dysarthria. They will be determined by whether your upper motor neurons or your lower motor neurons are affected by the disorder. Possible signs and symptoms include: