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What is Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability is a program run by the Social Security Administration under the authority vested in the administration by the Federal government. The program is designed to pay monthly benefits to people who have suffered from emotional or physical injury and who are unable to continue working or are greatly limited in the amount and type of work they can perform. In order to qualify, an individual's disability must be quite severe. A claimant is considered disabled if they cannot do any work because of their mental or physical condition. In addition, the disability must be expected to last for one year or more or expected to result in death. Along with the requirement of the length of the disability, a potential claimant must also meet the work requirement. A claimant must have worked long enough under Social Security. The time required depends on your age and the time you begin suffering from your disability. While it is possible to determine if you qualify it can get tricky. A claimant can contact their local Social Security field office, but that can be time consuming. Consulting with a social security disability attorney will also give you a certain answer as far as your eligibility is concerned. Children under age 18, children over 18 that suffer from a disability and a spouse over the age of 62 may also receive disability payments on behalf of the individual filing the claim with the Social Security Administration. You can find more information on the following: Disability Social Security Social Security Disability