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When and Why Social Security puts cases on Medical Hold

SS will put a case on Medical Hold when they have information showing that your disability is not yet stable and the expected change in your disability might affect the determination or decision. This is because the actual duration of many disabilites subject to improvement is directly related to the therapeutic regimen administered by the treating physician. An individual with a disability which is amenable to treatment that would be expected to restore the ability to work. In these situations, A Medical Hold is needed to properly evaluate the severity and duration of your disability during a stable period. Examples of when a Medical Hold is used. If you have had a recent acute event; for example, a myocardial infarction (heart attack). If you have recently had a corrective procedure. If you have started new drug therapy and your response to this treatment has not yet been established. In these situations, SS will obtain more evidence 3 months following the event before SS evaluates your disability. However, SS will not wait if enough information to make a determination or decision based on all of the relevant evidence in your case is available. For more information on Medical Hold and other Social Security terms and definiitions visit