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Special Senses and Speech Disorders

Vision Disorders
The most common reason for vision problems in adults is glaucoma, diabetes and cataracts. While in children the most common reason for loss of vision stems from pre-birth defects. In an eye exam the doctor will evaluate extraocular muscle function, measure intraocular reflexes, test other types of reflexes in the eyes, and will examine the different parts of the eye. The doctor will examine both the extent of loss and the possibility to recovery of your lost sight.

Hearing and Balance Disorders
The most common form of hearing loss is due to loud noises over a long period of time. This type of hearing loss is much more common than conductive hearing loss. An ear nose and throat specialist would test the claimant both for hearing capabilities and possible imbalances in the vestibular tube .

Speech Disorders
Many different disorders have the ability to cause a loss of speech or some form of speech disorder. Loss of speech due to the nervous system and mental disorders are reserved in a separate regulation. The loss of speech discussed below is due to some form of mechanical loss .

Types of Vision, Hearing and Speech Disorders

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