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What is Affective Disorders?

Definition of Affective Disorders

Affective Disorders cause a disability claimant to experience a prolonged disturbance of their mood. Common mood disorders include depression and bipolar syndrome. Claimants who are depressed can have mood issues ranging from the minor to the severe. Common symptoms can include: sleep disturbances, loss of energy, suicidal thoughts, delusions, hallucinations, weight fluctuations, or Anhedonia (continuous loss of interest in participating in daily activities). Bipolar claimants may experience: flight of ideas, decreased sleep, hyperactive, lack of attention, paranoia, delusions, hallucinations and increased involvement in high risk activities. The Social Security Administration will evaluate the severity of the claimant's mental health condition and the claimant's limitations in the following activities: 1) restrictions of daily living; 2) difficulty functioning in social environments; 3) difficulty maintaining concentration, persistence, or pace when completing tasks and 4) episodes of decompensation.

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