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What is Blue Book?

Definition of Blue Book

The Disability Evaluation under Social Security is also known as the Blue Book, and it provides detailed information for physicians and other health care professionals to help them understand, not only the Social Security Disability programs administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA), but also the type of information the Social Security Administration needs from healthcare professionals to help them make a disability determination for Social Security Disability claims. The Blue Book also provides detailed information on the 14 impairments identified by the Social Security Administration which the SSA considers severe enough to prevent Social Security Disability claimants from performing substantial gainful activity. The List of Impairments found in the Blue Book are generally considered permanent or are expected to eventually result in death. Social Security Disability claimants who do not meet or equal a listing in the Adult or Childhood Listing of Impairments may still have a condition(s) which does not allow them to perform substantial gainful activity. The Social Security Administration will make this determination by evaluating not only the claimant's medical condition but also the claimant's past work experience, their age, their education and their work skills. The Blue Book is now provided electronically online and this edition replaces all prior editions.

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