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What is Concentration Persistence or Pace?

Definition of Concentration Persistence or Pace

A category under which claimants who have a mental health disorder will be evaluated. The ability of a disability claimant to maintain sufficient attention and focus to complete tasks in a reasonable amount of time is necessary to maintain employment. Limitations in concentration, persistence and pace can be evaluated in a clinical setting with psychological testing, mental status examinations or clinical examinations. Specific testing questions used to evaluate a claimant's concentration, persistence and pace can include: locating telephone numbers in a phone book, disassembling and reassembling objects, or subtracting serial sevens or serial threes from 100. Mental health tests may also be supplemented by other medical evidence. The goal of all mental health testing is to find out how appropriately, independently and effectively a Social Security Disability claimant who has a mental health disorder can complete tasks in a work-like setting.

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