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What is Disability Advocate?

Definition of Disability Advocate

A disability advocate is a non-legal professional who can assist claimants at any time in the Social Security Disability process. Whether a claimant is at the initial application level or has been denied Social Security Disability benefits and is waiting for a Social Security Disability hearing, a Social Security Disability advocate can play an instrumental role in any part of the Social Security Disability process. Disability advocates claim to have more direct contact with their claimants and provide more personal feedback than a Social Security Disability lawyer, the Social Security Administration or the Disability Determination Services office, but the amount of contact can vary based on the amount of cases each disability advocate is processing and the skill of the disability advocate. Disability advocates can provide similar services as a Social Security Disability lawyer such as gathering medical records, helping prepare the Social Security Disability appeal and arguing a Social Security Disability claimant's case before the Administrative Law Judge.

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