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What is Disability Examiner?

Definition of Disability Examiner

Social Security Disability applications are sent by claimants to the Social Security Administration for review. The local Social Security Administration office generally reviews the non-medical eligibility for each disability claimant and forwards the Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance application to the Disability Determination Services office for further reviews. The disability examiner is the person at the Disability Determination Services office who is in charge of making the initial decision for disability. The disability examiner requests and reviews the claimant's medical files, ensures the Social Security Disability application has been accurately completed and determines if there is enough information to make a disability decision. Disability examiners will also review the claimant's work history and determine if the worker can perform any previous job or be retrained for new employment. After the Social Security Disability application review is complete, the disability examiner will recommend or deny Social Security Disability benefits for the claimant. Claimants who are denied may appeal the denial decision by following the proper appeals process. The disability examiner may also require claimants, who have insufficient medical records (to prove their disability claim) or who have not seen the proper specialists, to see a consultative examiner.

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