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What is Disability Interview?

Definition of Disability Interview

Social Security Disability claimants, who have applied for disability benefits, must complete a disability interview. Social Security Disability interviews can be completed over the phone, online or in-person at the nearest Socials Security Administration field office. Claimants can expedite the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) interview by keeping their appointment or calling to reschedule. Claimant should also bring all of the necessary documents including the following: Medical information including the addresses and phone numbers of every doctor and clinic they have visited. The Social Security Administration will also need to know the dates of each appointment, the patient's ID numbers and current medications. Claimants who have their own copies of their medical records should bring them with them to the Social Security Disability interview. Original copy of the claimant's birth certificate or proof of legal residency. Military service information and discharge papers. W2 from the claimant's most recent work year. Workers Compensation information including the date of the work injury, the Workers Compensation claim number and proof of payment. Social Security numbers for the claimant's spouse and children. Banking information, including checking and savings account numbers. Emergency Contact information for the claimant. Information about a all relevant past work experience (for the last 15 years), including a description of the type of work and the date the claimant became unable to work due to their mental or physical health condition. The claimant must also provide detailed information documenting the physical and mental requirements of each job.

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