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What is Episodes of Decompensation?

Definition of Episodes of Decompensation

The Social Security Administration evaluates several criteria to determine if a Social Security Disability claimant is disabled and unable to work due to a mental health disorder. One of the criteria is the exacerbation or temporary increases in the mental health symptoms the claimant is experiencing due to their mental health condition. These "episodes of decompensation" can cause a loss of adaptive functioning for the claimant and make it difficult for a claimant to maintain their social relationships, perform daily activities of living and maintain the concentration, pace and persistence necessary to perform substantial gainful activity. An episode of decompensation may cause a Social Security Disability claimant to need increased medical intervention such as hospitalization to provide a more structured psychological support system or an increase in medication. The Social Security Administration can evaluate the number, the severity, the existence and the duration of the claimant's episodes of decompensation from the claimant's medical records.

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