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What is Expedited Reinstatement?

Definition of Expedited Reinstatement

Social Security Disability claimants who have received disability benefits in the past may make a request for an expedited reinstatement of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits if their benefits have been stopped within the last 5 years, and they may do this without having to file a new Social Security Disability Insurance application. The Social Security Administration may also allow payment of Social Security Disability benefits for up to 6 months while they are reviewing the claimant's request. The expedited reinstatement process was instituted to increase the number of disability claimants (who might attempt to work) by eliminating the need for the claimant to re-file a new disability application with the possibility that their Social Security Disability benefit request may be denied. Expedited reinstatement is allowed for the following reasons: 1) the claimant lost their entitlement to Social Security Disability Insurance benefits because of their earnings but is no longer performing at SGA level; 2) the claimant has a mental or physical health condition which is related to the same impairment as the initial claim; 3) the claimant makes the request for the expedited reinstatement within 5 years from the month the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits were ended; 4) the claimant is found disabled under the Medical Improvement Review Standards.

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