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What is Federal Court Review?

Definition of Federal Court Review

Social Security Disability decisions may be denied and challenged at several appeal levels before a Social Security Disability claimant is awarded disability benefits. The last challenge within the Social Security Administration system is the Appeals Council. If the Appeals Council refuses to hear a Social Security Disability case or denies disability benefits, the claimant may file a civil suit in Federal District Court. A Federal Court Review is the last level of appeal available for a Social Security Disability claimant (although it is not within the Social Security Administration). Federal Court actions are filed in the district court where the claimant lives. Claimants who do not in a United States judicial district can file their Social Security Disability appeal in the District of Columbia. Claimants will receive a detailed letter from the Appeals Council documenting how they can file their civil action. There is a charge for filing a civil action or requesting a Federal Court Review.

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