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What is Income (ssi)?

Definition of Income (ssi)

To qualify for Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability claimants must have earned and unearned income below a certain pre-defined income level. Earned income can include money received from wages, self-employment earnings and royalties. Unearned income is money received from all other sources such as: interests from bank accounts or investments, gifts, Social Security payments, pensions, veteran payments and some of the income of spouses, parents, or sponsors of an alien. If a disability claimant is receiving food or shelter from another person, such as a parent, this may be considered "in-kind" income" and may also be considered unearned income. The Social Security Administration allows certain income to be exempt including: the first $20 a month of most income the claimant receives, food stamps, shelter from private nonprofit organizations, and most home energy assistance.

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