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What is Mental Examination?

Definition of Mental Examination

Social Security Disability claimants who claim to have a mental health disorder but lack sufficient evidence to support their claim or have not seen a professional mental health professional may be required by the Social Security Administration's Disability Examiner to submit to a Consultative Mental Examination. Mental Examinations are completed by a psychiatrist or a psychologist and provide evidence to the disability examiner so they are able to make their final determination of disability. After the mental examination the Consultative Examiner must provide a complete Consultative Report to the disability examiner which identifies the Social Security Disability claimant's chief complaint, a description of their condition, examination notes and detailed laboratory testing (if needed). A Social Security Disability claimant's diagnosis and a prognosis is also required. The CE will also provide information about the claimant's ability to perform work-like functions such as the ability to: understand, carry out tasks, remember instructions, maintain a schedule, respond to co-workers and maintain pace and concentration. If a claimant lacks the mental residual functional capacity to work, they will be determined disabled and will be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income benefits.

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