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What is Protection And Advocacy For Beneficiaries of Social Security (pabss) Program?

Definition of Protection And Advocacy For Beneficiaries of Social Security (pabss) Program

PABSS has been created by the Social Security Administration to assist claimants who have disabilities receive the proper employment services and vocational rehabilitation services so claimants may potentially return to the workforce and maintain gainful employment. The PABSS helps Social Security Disability claimants access community services and health care, teaches them about their rights and responsibilities and the types of accommodations which should be made under ADA. This can include resolving wage and hour issues and helping to resolve issues surrounding housing and transportation. The PABSS has not been authorized to resolve criminal, property, personal injury or malpractice claims. They can not help make a Social Security Disability determination (this is strictly made by the Disability Determination Services offices or the Administrative Law Judge), and they can not help with issues of legal guardianship.

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