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What is Residual Functional Capacity Assessment (rfc Assessment)?

Definition of Residual Functional Capacity Assessment (rfc Assessment)

The Social Security Administration will perform a RFC or a residual functional capacity assessment to determine the ability of a claimant to perform sustained work-related physical and mental activities in a work setting. The residual functional capacity assessment will determine if the claimant is able to do work on a "regular and continuing basis" which is considered 8 hours a day, for 5 days a week. The Social Security Administration will only review and consider the mental and physical functional limitations which are caused from the claimant's determinable impairment(s). If there is no documented or medical findings which support a mental or physical limitation the disability examiner must consider that there are no limitations or restrictions for the claimant related to work. RFC assessments will identify the Social Security Disability claimant's limitations and restrictions and determine the disability claimant's ability to perform work related activities which are expressed in the following exertional levels- sedentary, light, medium, heavy or very heavy. Residual functional capacity assessments are evaluated to determine the most the claimant can do with their given physical and mental limitations not the most.

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