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What is Social Functioning?

Definition of Social Functioning

Social functioning, as defined by the Social Security Administration, is the ability of the Social Security Disability claimant to interact with other people independently, effectively and appropriately. Social Security Disability claimants who have mental health disorders may have symptoms ranging from the minor to severe. If disability claimants are unable to get along with other people, including friends, co-workers, family members, landlords or store clerks, it may indicate their mental health condition is severe and has decreased their ability to function socially. Impaired social functioning is often evidenced in the claimant's Social Security Disability file with a history of fights, job firings, altercations, imprisonment and/or social isolation. Mental health evaluations will determine if a Social Security Disability claimant has a marked limitation in the social functioning and would have difficulty maintaining employment due to their uncooperative, hostile or antagonistic behavior.

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