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What is Social Security Program Operations Manual (poms)?

Definition of Social Security Program Operations Manual (poms)

The Social Security Program Operations Manual or POMS is the main source of information used at the Social Security Administration to help process Social Security Disability claims and determine if disability claimants are eligible to receive disability benefits. A public version of POMS is available from the Social Security Administration but all sensitive content instructions and internal data entries have been removed. POMS is a Social Security Administration handbook, and it is not intended to be used by the general public. It and may contain terms, processes and general information which is most helpful to Social Security Administration employees. The Social Security Administration does provide general user friendly information for the general public in the Social Security Handbook which can be located on the Social Security Administration website. If information in POMS does not follow the rules and procedures outlined in the Social Security Act, the Social Security Act and its rulings will take precedent.

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