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What is Somatoform Disorders?

Definition of Somatoform Disorders

Social Security Disability claimants may experience Somatoform Disorders which severely affect their ability to perform substantial gainful activity. Somatoform Disorders are a group of mental health conditions which produce physical pain and other signs and symptoms which can not be traced to a specific physical cause. Unfortunately, most medical tests can not explain these types of disorders. Although the origin of Somatoform Disorders is not known, the medical community does accept that the pain, symptoms and problems of these disorders are real and not imagined. Common Somatoform Disorders can include: somatization disorder (headaches, fatigue, nausea, constipation, sexual dysfunction), hypochodriasis (obsession that minor symptoms may be serious), body dysmorphic disorder (obsession with ones body or appearance), conversion disorder (neurological disorders occur such as paralysis, vision or hearing loss without a neurological reason). The Social Security Administration does award disability benefits for Somatoform Disorders if the symptoms for the disorder began prior to the age of 30, and they have significantly altered the life pattern of the disability claimant. The claimant must be on medication and regularly seeing a physician. The Social Security Disability claimant must also experience persistent disturbance with their speech, hearing, movement or control, sensations, visions or unrealistic comprehension of physical signs of a serious disease or illness. Claimants must also experience a functional limitation in two of the following areas: Restrictions of daily living Difficulty functioning in social environments Difficulty maintaining concentration, persistence, or pace when completing tasks Episodes of decompensation

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