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What is Treating Source?

Definition of Treating Source

Claimants must obtain medical evidence for their mental or physical health conditions from an "acceptable medical source". Licensed doctors, psychologists, optometrists, podiatrists and qualified speech language pathologists can all qualify as acceptable medical sources for their specified area of expertise. Each of these doctors becomes the "treating source" for their patients. Claimants who submit a Social Security Disability application will be expected to provide medical records from each of their treating sources as evidence to their mental or physical health condition. The Social Security regulations place special emphasis on the treating sources statements of medical findings due to their extensive knowledge of their patient's conditions and the length of time that most doctors serve their patients. Social Security Disability claimants who have accurate, detail and complete medical records from a treating source, not only expedite their Social Security Disability decision, but can also generally avoid a Consultative Examination and increase their chances of being awarded Social Security Disability benefits.

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