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What is Urgent Case Request?

Definition of Urgent Case Request

Social Security Disability claims from clients who are in dire need may be expedited through an urgent case request. Urgent case requests may be made if it is determined a Social Security Disability claimant is unable to work for at least 12 months or longer and waiting for a formal Social Security Disability decision would cause significant issues with the well-being or functioning of the disability claimant. Urgent case requests must be supported by a physician's statement of urgent need and the medical records from the Social Security Disability claimant must substantiate the severity of the claimant's mental or physical health condition. Other preliminary screenings must be done to ensure the Social Security Disability claimant meets all other eligibility requirements, including resource and income limits. Claimant must not be performing SGA (substantial gainful activity) to qualify for any type of Social Security Disability benefit.

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