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What is Vocational Factors?

Definition of Vocational Factors

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will consider a Social Security Disability claimants age, education and work experience when determining if they can be retrained to perform another job. These factors are called vocational factors and become increasingly important if a claimant does not have a mental or physical health condition which meets or exceeds a condition on the Social Security Administration's List of Impairments. Age is the first vocational factor, and Social Security regulations concede that the older the claimant's age the more difficult it will be for the claimant to retrain for new employment. Education, the second vocational factor, includes not only a person's formal training and the level they completed in school but also their ability to reason, communicate and perform arithmetical transactions. Previous work experience, the last vocational factor, can include unskilled, semiskilled, skilled, vocationally irrelevant and no experience at all. The SSA will evaluate a Social Security Disability claimant's work experience and determine if their skills are transferable to a new job.

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