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What is Work Incentives?

Definition of Work Incentives

Work incentives have been created by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to encourage Social Security Disability claimants to try to return to work. Work incentives include: trial work periods, expedited reinstatement and continuing Medicare coverage. The trial work period allows a claimant to work for at least nine months and continue to receive their Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income benefits for the months they work, regardless of how much income they earn. The trial work period can last for 9 months within a sixty-month time period. An expedited reinstatement period lasts for five years after a claimant has lost their disability benefits and allows the claimant to restart their Social Security Disability Insurance benefits immediately if they are unable to work due their mental or physical health condition. In addition, a new Social Security Disability Application does not need to be filed. Claimants who have worked above the "substantial gainful activity" level and have had their SSDI benefits stopped can continue to receive free Medical Part A coverage for at least 93 months after the trial work period. The Social Security Administration must consider the claimant mentally or physically disabled.

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