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Receiving social security disability income is the right of any disabled person who cannot earn a living for at least twelve months and has worked for a period long enough to pay towards social security.

However, it is an unpalatable fact that securing disability income is not an easy process; around seventy per cent of the social security disability claims are rejected by the Social Security Administration in the first level itself. The picture can be different, when a social security disability attorney or advocate represents you. The success rate of cases represented by attorneys and advocates is definitely higher than those represented by the applicants themselves. Therefore, before you file a disability claim, it is worth considering hiring the services of a Mobile social security disability lawyer. (Click here for a FREE consultation with a social security disability lawyer.)

Our Mobile social security disability lawyers and advocates will examine your case and its merits, in order to decide which claims you should file for. Collecting all the paperwork, medical records, witnesses and expert testimonials is also the responsibility of our Mobile social security disability lawyers. Right from the lowest level of hearings to arguing your case in federal courts (if necessary), our sponsoring Mobile social security disability lawyers and advocates will take care of everything for you. They also offer their legal services in other cities of Alabama like Montgomery, Huntsville, Hoover, Decatur and Dothan.
Before filing a claim, you must ensure that you have all the documents related to the following topics:

The local Social Security Administration office is located at:
9 St. Emanuel Street,
Alabama - 36602