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Which medical problems will allow me to receive disability benefits?

Disabilities that fall under the SSA Listing of Impairments

Both physical medical problems and mental medical problems can be classified as causing a disability in order to receive Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration has a manual of disorders that can be classified as disabilities under certain conditions called the Listing of Impairments.

This manual cites the disorders in fourteen main categories:

  1. Musculoskeletal disorders
  2. Special senses and speech disorders
  3. Respiratory system disorders
  4. Cardiovascular system disorders
  5. Digestive System disorders
  6. Genito-Urinary system disorders
  7. Hematological system disorders
  8. Skin disorders
  9. Endocrine system disorders
  10. Multiple Body systems disorders
  11. Neurological disorders
  12. Mental disorders
  13. Malignant Neoplastic diseases
  14. Immune system disorders

Each of these categories has multiple specific types of disorders listed under it and how severe the condition must be to constitute a disorder.

How severe do my disabilities or injuries have to be in order to receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

You do not have to be completely incapacitated to get Social Security disability payments, but you do have to have a disability that renders you unable to work for at least one year. The disorder also must be established by a trained physician, not just by the individual’s statements.

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